Amazon Anaconda / by Julia Wheeler

Today, I felt the urge to dive deep into the Amazon Jungle. So I went through some of my images from that trip and found the 9 meter Anaconda that I held around my neck in the Brazilian Amazon. He was heavy - check out the size of his head!! I purposely photographed my guide (who I had adopted at the Iquitos market place where I had tried and failed to rescue a sloth) to show size comparison. He was just under 5.8ft and got to wear gumboots. I was bare foot in knee deep water with a monkey on my head.  

A little camera shy but I got as close as I liked with my 35mm lens. There was no zoom here. It was all up in his face and personal. He was happy to retire to his little wooden hut within the 1 meter water I stood in to photograph him. Apparently, he was a rescued Anaconda.