J U L I A W H E E L E R 

J U L I A  W H E E L E R

Growing up in Australia’s wild west Julia's natural courage, curiosity and compassion has lead her to explore the world, its people and amazing wildlife. A highly experienced and dedicated photographer, signed exclusively with Getty Images, she is known for her ‘freshness and spontaneity’ with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group having used a number of her shots. 

She believes “that if you really want to tell a story about someone, you have to be willing to put aside your fears and step into their shoes on an intimate level. You must be open to embracing and experiencing everything in front of you. You may not agree with all peoples views but always want to understand them.”

An adventurer at heart and experienced Freediver, holding a degree in Media and Communications, majoring in cultural studies and graduate of Australia’s most prestigious acting school, NIDA, Julia’s infectious enthusiasm and instant rapport has granted her access to people at their most intimate. Using natural light and movement, Julia is driven to meet people from all over the globe and document their life stories.

I capture life through my eyes - a life where I have recently been given some fantastic opportunities to explore and find. I’m drawn to and inspired by people and feel compelled to document their culture, journey, vision, passion or self.

I’m driven by meeting amazing people of all spectrums of every day life and I’m happy to put myself into anywhere anyone will allow me to go. I have been fortunate and have much more to explore and so much more to capture
— Julia Wheeler 2016
                      Julia Wheeler || South Africa || 2015

                     Julia Wheeler || South Africa || 2015

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