Week 2 - Breathing and Equalising Workshops / by Julia Wheeler

I've learned more about Freediving in the last two and a half weeks than I have in the last 8 years, thanks to Ant Judge - @freediveinstructor - the guy is a bit of a Freediving Guru and it shows. Ant's equalisation workshop alone has helped me reach new depths past residual volume - residual volume is the amount of air that remains in a person's lungs after fully exhaling and what happens to a Freedivers lungs at a certain depth, however not from exhaling but from pressure (for me that is 38m). Ant taught techniques of equalisation which I had originally no idea how to imply. I'd heard about this 'cheek fill' thing - when a freediver holds air in their mouth and uses it to equalise their ears to reach deeper depths, but I hadn't tried nor wasn't sure how. 

There have also been times, pre-dive, where I have needed a small encouraging, non-verbal pep-talk and Ant just knew exactly what to do. Left arm across the float, mind non-commited and I can't seem to calm the rhythmic contractions and dilation of this large muscular organ, my heart. And then Ant is there, peeping over the other side of our flotation device (two bodyboards tied together - genius) and he looks at me, knows whats up and starts an obvious, directional breathing pattern. Inhale, exhale. I close my eyes, listen and repeat his pattern until I am calm and back into the rhythm of pre-dive mode.

 My Portraits of Ant Judge. Top: Amed, Indonesia. Bottom: Kona, Hawaii. 

My Portraits of Ant Judge. Top: Amed, Indonesia. Bottom: Kona, Hawaii. 

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Underwater test with the GoPro Hero5 RAW image shooting mode. 

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 Love the colours! GoPro Hero5 - Turtle photographed while Freediving in Kona, Hawaii. 

B L U E D A Y S | Exploring Hawaii's underwater Lava tubes | Turtle's galor! Shot on the GoPro Hero5