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Red bull international | Online ARTICLE

18 April 2017

"Be who you want to be or there’s no point being anyone at all."

Equal parts mermaid and wildlife warrior, Julia Wheeler is a certified adventure addict. Openly admitting to loving “the wild places”, this Australian-based photographer and competitive freediver is at her happiest when she’s either 30 metres below the sea’s surface or on the frontline of anti-poaching...

POPSUGAR USA - Celebrity online

14 June 2017

One of America's largest online celebrity publishers contacted Julia, requesting to make a 1 minute feature of her Freediving journey and ocean conservation... 


16 January 2017

CAPTURING stunning underwater photographs comes naturally to Julia Wheeler, who has been practising holding her breath in the bath since she was a small child.

Now that skill has earned her third place in the women’s Australian Freediving Depth Nationals in Bali — despite the fact she only went there to photograph the event...