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'In the ocean, I feel more alive than I do on land': Meet the real life MERMAID who can hold her breath for four-and-a-half minutes underwater. Julia, who is an animal and environmental activist, hopes to change people's habits to protect and reduce the amount of damage done to the earth. She hopes her incredible aquatic images will change people's perceptions and help them to appreciate the beauty of the ocean.

'People need to know how much waste we produce and if we don't change our ways it will be too late, all of our waters will be ruined,' she said. 'There are over five billion particles of plastic in the ocean, everyone can do their own little bit to preserve the environment.



30 August 2017

Watch this stunning video montage of Julia freediving beneath the oceans depths with Manta Rays and exploring the sunken treasures of ship wrecks in the Solomon Islands and Komodo National Park.

Footage edited by MSN MEDIA 



30 August 2017 

Julia Wheeler was obsessed with the movie "The Little Mermaid" when she was a child. Over the years she trained herself to eventually hold her breath underwater for about 4 minutes and became an incredible free-diver. During that time in her life, she also managed to take courses in underwater photography. Today she finds herself in front of the camera and the subject of some amazing photos and videos.



28 August 2017


Following a previous interview with Gillian O'Shaughnessy, Glenn chats to Julia about the plastic pollution issue facing our oceans, her current location and position at the AIDA Freediving World Championships  in Honduras and Julia's passion surrounding Freediving and it's underwater adventure zone. 


ABC RADIO PERTH | 22 August 2017

JULIA INTERVIEWS BY Gillian O'Shaughnessy

How long can you hold your breath underwater? For some 30 seconds feels like a long time before they come up gasping for air. 

Julia Wheeler can hold hers for more than 4 minutes and is required to do so in the sport of freediving. She could be described as part mermaid or a human fish and trains hard before she plunges to the ocean depths in competition. 

Julia says freediving is about mind over matter and overcoming your fears and is the ideal sport to indulge her love of the ocean...


THE WEST AUSTRALIAN | 17 August 2017


'Diving deep into the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean on a single breath, Julia Wheeler switches into “autopilot mode” and tells herself everything is going to be OK.

The air in her lungs is pushed to the back of her mind as she focuses on the methodical process of reaching her goal depth. “When you are freediving you are surrounded by the vast blueness of the ocean and you feel so vulnerable and small,” Wheeler said from Honduras...'

Red bull international | Online ARTICLE

18 April 2017

"Be who you want to be or there’s no point being anyone at all."

Equal parts mermaid and wildlife warrior, Julia Wheeler is a certified adventure addict. Openly admitting to loving “the wild places”, this Australian-based photographer and competitive freediver is at her happiest when she’s either 30 metres below the sea’s surface or on the frontline of anti-poaching...

POPSUGAR USA - Celebrity online

14 June 2017

One of America's largest online celebrity publishers contacted Julia, requesting to make a 1 minute feature of her Freediving journey and ocean conservation... 


16 January 2017

CAPTURING stunning underwater photographs comes naturally to Julia Wheeler, who has been practising holding her breath in the bath since she was a small child.

Now that skill has earned her third place in the women’s Australian Freediving Depth Nationals in Bali — despite the fact she only went there to photograph the event...